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About us :

Dalstaff consists of Katrine, Øivind, Jenny (born 2002) and our Staffordshire Bull Terriers. We live about 30 minutes from Oslo, at Fetsund

Our goal is to breed healthy and, breed typical Stafforshire Bull Terriers as family dogs, if they do it well in the show ring, this is a plus.

Nora is ore first Staffordshire Bull Terrier bitch we bred on . She is a bitch with a lot of joy and energy, her name is not Kedisto's Quikke Nora for no reason.
Frida was my first staff, she came into my life in January 1994.

I got my first dog in 1984 after pleading with my parents for years to have one. I chose a Dalmatian called Kolo-Line's Himbrock, for everyday name Tino.
Six years later we bought Liz, a Dalmatian bitch (Liberline's Yoyo).

In 1992 I mated my two Dalmatians and the result was 8 puppies. I couldn’t let them all go and kept one, Abby (Letina`s Abby My Love).
my affix at that time was Letina

Please contact me on tel.: +47 90928513 or e-mail me.