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Photo Gallery :

Lisa and Julie April 2009


Silje (daughter) and Nora (mothe) Mars 2009


Ruben and Nora January 2009


Julie (3 months) and Lisa (3,5 months) January 2009


Julie (3 months) and Lisa (3,5 months) January 2009


Ruben (father) and Julie (daughter) January 2009


Louie and Silje January 2009


Silje (mother) and Cooper (son) July 2008


Penny, Cooper and Bella April 2008


Louie, Cooper and Miles March 2008


Ruben and Cooper January 2008


Louie and Penny 10.12.2007


Louie and Leo September 2007

Louie and Leo + Silje and Leo September 2007


Leo and Ruben September 2007


Nikki and Leo September 2007


Silje (daughter) and Nora (mother) June 2007


Ruben and Silje June 2007


Louie, Silje, Nora And Jenny


Louie and Ruben March 2007


March 2007


Silje, Ruben, Louie and Nora playing March 2007

Silje, Theo, Cleo, Jenny and Louie 2006

Nora (mother) and Silje (daughter) 2006


Louie, Silje, Nora and Jenny

Jenny and Frida
Jenny and Frida


Silje and Fiona (sisters)


Fiona, Cait, Kaktus, Jenny and Silje


Cleo and Fiona


Silje and Fiona washing the dishes

Kaktus, Jenny and Nora


Jenny and Gonzo summer 2004

Jenny, Nora, Louie and Frida March 2003

From the left: Liz (mother), Abby (daughter), Tino (father), Amalie (daughter) and Ariel (daughter)